Putting Creative Crowns On


NLC2013_Day 3_Creative Crown 1_099NLC is a time to put on your creative crown. Following the State of the Fraternity Address, delegates split up into Creative Crown group meetings. These gatherings are small-group sessions that allow the exploration of ideas, sharing of strategies and developing leadership skills. These groups are made up of 10 delegates from different chapters and led by our awesome ZTA facilitators.

And why not make it fun and zlamtastic? This first of several Creative Crown meetings to come; it focused on establishing connections. These sisters started the night as strangers but left as friends after using teamwork to solve problems and play games. Here’s a quick rundown of the activities that creative crown groups participated in and can take back to their own chapters:

  • Icebreaker Introductions: Each sister uses brainstorming putty (similar to silly putty) to mold something that describes or represents her.
  • Human Scrabble: Each sister is given a…

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