The death of a friendship.

At first I want to question if I did or said something wrong? And it hurts to leave things with this heavy feeling in my heart. However I know that there is nothing left to be said..

Friendships ending or what you thought was a friendship, ending really sucks. It feels like the floor falls out from underneath you when someone that you have told all your dirty little secrets to for the past 5 years, walks out of your life without one word or acknowledgement of why. Should I be crying? Should I be more upset? I feel like I should, but I just can’t. This is one of those things that will hit me like a ton of bricks, months from now and I will be sobbing my eyes out not really knowing why and then it will hit me, homie.

I had always banked on you being at my wedding and being there for me when I had my first “BIG” fight after I was married. We’ve been through a lot together and to just cut me off, it hurts and it sucks and I hate you. I no longer served a purpose in your life. You stopped loving me a very long time ago and often I question whether you ever even did at all.

I’m not sure if unfriending my was your idea or hers but I guess it was time. As much as I wish I could say that I want to be friends and make our friendship work, I know this is better. I’ve moved on with my life, I’ve learned to love again and I am making strides in my career and with school.

Moving forward, I wish you the best. You will always be my best friend. As much as I hate you right now, you will always be welcome in my home. I will love you until the day I die. You will always be my homie, my lover and my friend.