Goodbye 2013.

I don’t know about you but I have a really bad track record with sticking to the “traditional” New Year’s Eve resolutions. So for 2014 I have decided to focus on three main goals, one short term and two long term. I’ve learned that I need things to be small, tangible and measurable.

My first goal is to graduate in May. I just need to make it through one more semester. 5 more classes. 16 more credit hours. 10+ CAB events and a few fundraisers. – I know I can.

My second goal is to get my migraines under control again. I was feeling great last summer and I want to get back to a point of minimal to no migraines again. The plan is to use all my tools – stretches, breathing, yoga etc daily. I’m excited to continue working with my physical therapist and working to get back on track.

My third and most important goal, is that for 2014 I am going to keep my heart open. Open to new possibilities with family, friends, love and life. I am going to be applying for new and exciting internships, and I want to be open to wherever these roads might take me. I’m staying open to new friends and letting life lead the way. I am connecting with family that I haven’t been that close to in the past and taking the chance to say it love you while I have it. And instead of looking for love I’m going to make love look for me for a change.

I’m going into 2014 with an upmost positive attitude and I could not be more excited to see what the new year holds.



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