la familia.



As a little kid, I always thought that I had it good because I was spoiled by my mom’s parents, had wonderful holiday breaks spent with my cousins, always baking and sledding with the neighbors, typical fights with my brothers but it was still great, right? I honestly wish I could say I knew the answer to that. I have some vivid memories of certain events or time periods in my life but for the most part it is all just one big blur of being a child. Does this happen to all of us? In 20 years (god forbid) will I not remember my twenties or anything about my college years? 

The fall is my favorite time of year because it hosts my three most favorite holidays out of the year. First being my birthday, and yes I do treat it as a holiday. I am awesome and cute and fun and pretty. #pointblankperiod. (If you didn’t read that in a sarcastic tone of voice then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. But my birthday is seriously one of my favorite holidays. No joke.) Second being Halloween though I was never very creative as a child. Thanksgiving closes out the awesome trio because big girls love food, duh. What do holidays have in common? family. As I have blogged about my older brother before, we weren’t close when I was younger. No one in my house really was. We all just cohabited together under the same roof. Now that we are older and we have an actual brother-sister relationship I have begun to realize the importance in family. 

Within the past month or so I have spent a lot of time with my brother, sister (in-law if we want to be technical) niece, mom and younger brother all in one place at one time. Before my niece was born, you hardly ever found my mom, brother and me in the same room at the same time ever. I truly think the little peanut has brought us all much closer together than we ever were before. It has been a nice change of pace to be surrounded my family 90% of the time. (As an introvert, I thoroughly enjoy my alone time.) I haven’t been into christmas for a while but this year I am feeling incredibly blessed and extremely thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Of course I can’t forget my heygirlhey and bestfrann. Without them, I would be nothing. 

“Good love will find me.” – The Maine 


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