Migraines are the worst and I’m not talking about just a really bad headache. I’m talking full blown orahs in your eyes, dark room, no light, no sound excruciating migraines. I have had them since I was a freshmen in high school and since they just have become a part of my life. I’ve done all the blood work, CT scans and MRI’s and the doctors have found nothing. I’ve seen three neurologists over last 7-8 years and my new one seems to be the best of them all. Though I am having more migraines now, I feel like they’re brought on by weather changes and stress. I mean I KNOW stress is a major factor. But working part time and going to school full time plus doctors appointments and all my extra curricular activities on campus, I think I deserve to be a little stressed sometimes, right?

Anyway, that’s not my point. My point is that I have had this migraine for a week and it sucks. I just want this cycle to break and to feel better. Or I would settle for someone taking care of me too but I know that’s not going to happen. I think the worst part is when you can’t sleep at night or wake up tired because you didn’t sleep well. This probably just sounds like I’m complaining now but for those of us that have migraines, I know you understand. For those of you that don’t, think about the worst pain you have ever felt, now think about it being only in your head and there is nothing you can take to make the pain stop. Yeah, my migraines are like that. I can fully function in daylight with babies crying with a level 10 migraine if I had to because my pain tolerance has increased that much over the years. Sometimes I wouldn’t why I never aspired to become a neuro or something medical to find a cure for migraines like mine. Though I really hate my migraines today, I am taking them in stride, they are a part of me and this is who I am.


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