Being Happy.

A wise man once told me.. “Shut up and stop thinking about it. It happened. You’re smart, funny, attractive and going places. You need to realize you’re way better than you think.”

I think that at some point in our lives we are all bound to go through a stage of self hate. Sometimes it takes some of us a little longer to realize just how awesome we truly are. Though I have had my moments of seeing my true potential and realizing my greatness, I needed to hit my head on the brick wall of reality. That reality just happened to be my best friend and his words just happened to cut like knives, but he is right. I am pretty great and I do have a lot of plans to do a lot of awesome things with my life. If I just sat and felt bad for myself, that is not going to attract more people into my life, but rather push everyone out of my life. Though my introverted-self wouldn’t completely mind the idea of that, it isn’t going to take me where I want to be.

I have lots of plans for my last semester of my associates degree. The first being to kick ass and try to bring my GPA up as much as possible. My grade goal is for an A’s and B’s. Second, I want to have the most awesome fun run that GR has seen to date. However, I am scared out of my mind for this event. Third = INTERNSHIPS! I have already applied for a pretty awesome internship but I am keeping my doors open. Number 4 is scholarships, because what college student doesn’t need money, right?

I guess the last couple of times that I have tried to write over the last couple of weeks it has always come out wrong and seemed so sad. So I am definitely in need of this winter break for time to reflect on what this semester has taught me. I am grateful for almost being done with my degree. I am thankful for the chance to work with such wonderful people and to have such understanding and caring boss’s. I am inspired by the people I have surrounded myself with and I am choosing to stay positive and be happy. Strangely I know everything is going to be alright. It is hard to wrap my mind around right now, but I can feel it.



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