Day Nineteen.

Wow, I’ve really been sucking at blogging every day. Finals suck. I did get a 95% on my logic final and I actually applied for the scholarship for Ferris that I wasn’t sure I really was going to go through with. 

On the opposite side of the fence, I met my new PT today and she doesn’t seem super optimistic about things. She said that if I didn’t get better in the next couple of weeks she wanted to send me back to the headache rehab center. On top of that, I failed my econ paper and if I don’t “pass” this conversation with my professor tomorrow I am going to fail the class and potentially won’t be able to walk in the spring. — I just want to be done. I just want to feel better. Today, I am burned out and I don’t feel well. Today I am letting the universe win and I’ll be back to fight again tomorrow.


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