Day Seventeen.

I have no desire to finish my economics paper what so ever. This class has been the death of me all semester long. But I am going to stay up as late as I can tonight to work on it. Why? Because I just got done flipping through pictures on Keep A Child Alive’s Facebook page and needless to say I am inspired. When I think about my future and where I want to be, that is some place that I can easily see myself. I want to be changing someone live for the better. Whether it is working with the Van Andel Institute’s Purple Community, Keep A Child Alive or Make A Wish Foundation, I know I want to be in social non-profits. I want to change lives and make a difference. So if finishing this econ paper is my next step, my next challenge I have to over come to getting exactly where I want to be, then bring it on. 

Before I lose my sense of motivation, I am going to get back to writing my paper. And yes, I do realize I skipped sixteen. It is with good reason but that is another story for a different day. (:




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