Day Twelve.

Over the last month I’ve been lucky enough to find exactly what makes my heart pound and my heels click. I have always had a passion for non-profits. I was the President of two diversity groups in high school for goodness sake! I guess I was caught up in the magic of at first not having an advisor for our programming board. It truly was a great taste of freedom, but I made a lot of mistakes and didn’t always play by the book. Now as I look back on my time as president, I’m enjoying it but my heart no longer is in it. I have no interest in this area of student affairs. I very well could see myself in another area, and of course I will always have a special place in my heart for higher education. This place is no longer my home.

I am ready to move forward to bigger and better challenges. I am ready to see what new things are waiting to be explored. It is time my friends, it is time.



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