Day Eleven.

Let’s be real, it has been a few days. I have put lots of thought into this post. I felt as though I was straying from my original intensions. Any time I sit down to write I feel like I should be like “Hey diary, it’s me Kimmie!” (If you don’t watch Super Fun Night, you won’t understand  that reference but for those of you that do, you’re welcome.) I feel like I am talking to a computer screen and spilling my guts to share my life story and does anyone really care in the end? Is this really making a difference to anyone? I don’t really know but then again that isn’t why I started writing this blog. I started this to challenge myself to do at least one new scary thing a day. What did I do today? I had an interview for an internship I applied for months ago. This is one of the things that has lead me on this journey and one of the original reasons I started writing. I want to remember these experiences and feelings. 

I don’t think I have ever been so nervous for something in my entire life. They called me Tuesday night to set up an interview time with me and I was shocked. I knew they were going to call me to set up the interview because I had followed up on my application status a week or so before hand. I was still shocked that I received my first call. The interviewer seemed to be really impressed by my answers and I am praying and rain dancing that I get a second interview. I think this is an awesome experience and I am incredibly proud of myself for putting myself out there and just applying. I’m moving forward and I am making moves. Things may not always play out in my favor but at least I can say I put my best foot forward!

I also happen to have one of the best support systems in the whole world. ❤



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