Day Two.

This post is inspired by my COM 135 professor from Winter 2013. She had us start off each class by writing three good things about our day and a reason why we picked them. Working two jobs, holding down a full credit semester – balancing major related classes with graduation requirements and honors credits, a kitten who is like my child, family time and still trying to maintain a social life — it is easy to say that things get it the way. When we first had to journal about our three “good things”, I found it rather difficult to find beauty in the small things of my day. As I write this post, I find it extremely difficult to limit it to only three. As I reflect on these things, I am reminded  of exactly how blessed I truly am and I could never be thankful enough for all the wonderful people, places and things I have.

So before I get too carried away, here are my three good things and reasons why.

1. The beautiful weather today – Yes I do realize that it was cloudy, but it wasn’t rainy and it was even a little bit sunny today for a second. I LOVE fall. 

2. My DSS Family – They have supported me through a lot and I have only worked their such a short time. I have the absolute best boss in the world! She is always willing to teach me knew things and the things I don’t remember right away. 

3. Getting to see my niece – it has been almost two weeks since I have seen the little bugger and I missed her. 




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